About us

Anel254 is a cosmetic company in Germany that has created a brand for the woman of color in skin care. The company has exclusive distributing companies in East and Central Africa: Anel Limited and Value Cosmetics Africa Limited.

Our goal is to establish Anel254 as an important brand that represents high quality in skin care. To accomplish this we are using highest german quality manufacturing.

Anel254 is a company owned by Elly Cherwon and Anisa Suleiman.Together, the founders and their partners have more than 15 years worth of combined experience in the cosmetic retail and manufacturing industry. Ms. Suleiman is a german trained cosmetic consultant and Mr. Cherwon a german trained medic. Mrs. Caroline Cherwon is CEO of Anel Limited in Kenya and represents the interest of Anel254 in Kenya.

The company's main office is located in Mannheim, Germany and has a partnership with Anel Limited in Nairobi, Kenya.

Anel254 is the first german cosmetic company which produces high quality products for the women of color. We are proud of this!